"Escape from Crimea": a book by a Bulgarian writer about the occupation of the peninsula was published in Ukraine

Глянько Катерина
11:13, 13 August
Image source: Facebook/Anna Bahryana

On August 12, a Ukrainian translation of the book by the Bulgarian writer Svetoslav Nakhum "Escape from the Crimea" was presented in Kyiv and published in one of the Kyiv publishing houses.

This was announced on his page by blogger Leontiy Nosenko.

According to him, the Bulgarian writer Svetoslav Nakhum, who a few years ago wrote a collection of short stories and articles "Escape from Crimea" - about the circumstances of the Moscow occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula against the background of one Bulgarian fate, survived "unprecedented harassment (which continues to this day). Bulgaria boycotted Nahum, and the Moscow media announced a vendetta".

"The author did not give up. And one of the reasons is the diverse Ukrainian support: from sharp statements of our embassy to the publishing project on translation of "Escape" in the Ukrainian language - it was carried out by Anna Bagryana from Sofia", - Nosenko wrote on Facebook.

Anna Bagryana translated the book into Ukrainian. Source: Facebook / Leontiy Nosenko

It is noted that the book was published by the printing house "Tverdynya", Lutsk.

According to translator Anna Bagryana on her Facebook page, due to the pandemic, the author could not come to Ukraine for the presentation.

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