US Senate fails to support sanctions against Nord Stream 2

Стецюк Олена
13:11, 14 January
US Senate fails to support sanctions against Nord Stream 2
Image source: Ruptly

The US Senate did not support the bill on sanctions against Nord Stream 2. Republican Senator Ted Cruz sponsored the bill. He said that only the immediate imposition of sanctions could change Putin’s plan, stop the invasion of Ukraine and remove the threat posed by Nord Stream-2. The tally was 55 in favor and 44 against the bill that needed 60 votes to pass.

The broadcast with the US Senate vote was posted by Ruptly on YouTube.

Twenty-six US Democratic senators have registered a bill providing for the imposition of personal sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin in the event of a further invasion of Ukraine.

It also involves the imposition of sanctions against several Russian banks. As well as companies that use the international SWIFT system. However, it is still unknown when exactly the initiative will be considered.

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What is known

  • On January 4, US Senators predicted fast sanctions against Nord Stream 2.
  • Several U.S. Democratic senators said late on Monday after meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden administration officials that they believe sanctions on Russia's Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, backed by Republican Senator Ted Cruz, could harm relations with Germany.
  • Last December, US President Joe Biden signed the 2022 defence budget, but new sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline were dropped in the document.
  • Vice-Chancellor, Minister of Economy and Energy in the new German government Robert Habeck said that Nord Stream 2 is a geopolitical mistake. He also spoke about the pressure from the previous government to put the gas pipeline into operation.
  • On October 18, it became known that the first line of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline has already been filled with technical gas, and the commissioning of the second line is underway.
  • Gazprom said that as of the morning of September 10, the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline was fully completed.

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