The occupiers again violated the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine - JFO (Joint Forces Operation)

Глянько Катерина
14:43, 27 Oraqay
The occupiers again violated the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine - JFO (Joint Forces Operation)
Foto menbası: Facebook/Операція об'єднаних сил / Joint Forces Operation

The headquarters of the Joint Forces operation clarified exactly where the occupiers violated the regime of complete and comprehensive ceasefire announced in the Donbass at midnight on July 27. However, the Ukrainian military is "ready to give a decent rebuff to the occupying forces" and will defend their lives if necessary.

This was reported in the press center of the Joint Forces Headquarters on Facebook.

Thus, the positions of the Ukrainian defenders of Vodyany and Novomykhailivka came under enemy fire from occupied Uzhivka.

"In the middle of the night, an enemy from the temporarily uncontrolled Uzhivka opened fire on the positions of Ukrainian soldiers near Vodyany. Ukrainian defenders did not return fire. There were no casualties due to enemy shelling. Another fact was recorded near Novomykhailivka. three POM-2 antipersonnel mines", - it is told in the message.

At a briefing in Donetsk region, the commander of the Joint Forces, Lieutenant General Volodymyr Kravchenko, said that no one could forbid Ukrainian servicemen to defend themselves and their comrades in the event of a clear armed aggression by the enemy.

"As the Commander of the Joint Forces, whose main task is to save the lives of personnel and civilians in the area of ​​environmental protection, I assure that in case the enemy violates the regime of "silence" and threatens their lives, the response of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be immediate and decisive", - Kravchenko remarked.

He noted that they were "still ready to give a decent rebuff to the occupying forces".

We know the price of "bread", "school" and many other announced ceasefire regimes. I want to assure everyone, we really want peace, but let our peace not mislead the enemy and not be seen as a weakness. We are always ready to adequately repel the enemy!" - the lieutenant general emphasized.

In addition, according to him, the provision of security by the JFO, according to the participants of the peace process, opens the way to a political settlement.

"Obviously, the resolution of the international armed conflict is impossible by purely military means - a combination of military and political-diplomatic instruments is needed. By ensuring the implementation of political agreements, the Armed Forces of Ukraine enable politicians to make progress in the peace process", - the commander said.

What is known

  • On July 22, 2020, by a decision of the Tripartite Contact Group, the OSCE-mediated parties agreed to a ceasefire until a full settlement of the international armed conflict in the Ukrainian Donbas.
  • On July 26, 2020, the Commander of the Joint Forces issued an order on compliance with the full and comprehensive ceasefire regime.