Russia continues to methodically legalize the occupation of Crimea in it is a legislative field - Ukrainian diplomat

Глянько Катерина
13:02, 04 August
Russia continues to methodically legalize the occupation of Crimea in it is a legislative field - Ukrainian diplomat
Image source: УНІАН

The Russian aggressor continues to legalize the occupation of Crimea at its legislative level, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ignores these attempts by Russia.

About that, the diplomat, adviser to the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Konstantin Yeliseyev, noticed in the column for the news channel "NV".

"The Russian aggressor continued to systematically legalize the theft of Crimea with its legislative field, and the top leadership of our state is ashamed to watch it", - informed diplomat.

As an example of continuing attempts to legalize the occupation of the Ukrainian semi-island, Yeliseyev identifies changes to the Russian Constitution, which the Russian side wants to "protect" from "territorial claims" and put an end to the Crimea question.

"Of course, these changes will not replace the affiliation of the Crimean semi-island to Ukraine and will not justify the fact of Russia's attempt to annex part of our territory", -  stated Yeliseyev.

He called the change and disclosure of the motives a "powerful argument" for Ukrainian diplomacy to strengthen chauvinist sentiment in Russia.

"Obviously, such aggressive legislative behaviour of the Kremlin should also dispel the illusions of those who still rely on common sense and the bargaining power of the Russian side", - added the Ukrainian diplomat.

In addition, the adviser to the fifth president of Ukraine stated the silence of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky regarding the recent visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the occupied Crimea and demonstrative construction of corps for the creation of two military landing ships at the factory in Kerch.

"Until we do not see action has been taken by Ukrainian diplomacy to initiate both new national and international sanctions against Russia and individuals and legal entities involved in building military capabilities at Crimean enterprises", -  added him.

Yeliseyev also reminded of the long-awaited strategy of de-occupation of Crimea, which the world has never seen before. And the launch of the international platform for the liberation of the Ukrainian semi-island, according to a representative for the fifth president of Ukraine, was too late.

Another example of the head of state ignoring the issue of Crimea, Yeliseyev considers the anniversary of the Pompeo Declaration, which was not mentioned anywhere by the President of Ukraine, "attention was limited to Twitter posts of certain government officials".

"It is difficult to imagine for what reasons the head of state was silent because this is a document of the level of the Declaration of Welles with the corresponding historical consequences", - stated diplomat.

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