"I am being quietly killed here": the daughter of political prisoner Prikhodko said her father was tortured in Russia

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15:21, 19 January
Image source: Ґрати

The daughter of a convicted Crimean political prisoner, pro-Ukrainian activist Oleh Prykhodko, Natalia Shvetsova, spoke about the abuse and torture of her father in a Russian prison.

She told about it in the comment to Suspilne Crimea.

According to her, Oleg Prikhodko is "quietly killed" in a Russian colony.

"For three weeks they were in the 7th colony between Rostov-on-Don and Novgorod. My father was tortured with electricity for two days, his hands were drenched with water and handcuffed, I don't know why. He was forced to admit that he did not do: "What you fought in the hot spots", and offered to choose which of them", - Natalia Shvetsova said.

She also noted that the drugs sent to him are not transferred.

"You know what he said: 'I am being quietly killed here. I will not leave here, I will simply be buried here and my body will not even be given away", - Oleh Prykhodko's daughter concluded.

What is known

  • On November 9, 2021, lawyer Serhiy Legostov visited the arrested Ukrainian activist Oleh Prykhodko in the pre-trial detention center No. 1 in Rostov-on-Don. The lawyer said that Prikhodko's health had deteriorated. He has been in a Russian detention center since April 2020 after being transferred from SIZO-1 in Simferopol.
  • On May 28, 2020, the Southern District Military Court of Rostov-on-Don began consideration of the merits of the criminal case against the Ukrainian activist.
  • The occupiers accuse the Ukrainian activist under Article 30 Part 1 and Part 1 of Article 205 ("Preparation for a terrorist act"), Part 1 of Article 222 ("Acquisition and storage of explosives") and Part 1 of Article 223-1 "Manufacture of explosives") of the Criminal Code.

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