Deployment of the territorial defense system will take place in three stages - Reznikov

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15:51, 18 January
Deployment of the territorial defense system will take place in three stages - Reznikov
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The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov spoke about the stages of deployment of the territorial defense system in Ukraine. Weapons will be assigned to the reservists who signed the contract.

Oleksiy Reznikov spoke about this during a meeting on the practical aspects of deploying the territorial defense system, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports.

"Access to weapons should be granted only to those who, under the leadership of the command and together with their compatriots, will take care of the protection of their home and the interests of Ukraine. I do not even advise those who have any other goals to try to join the SRS", -Reznikov stressed.

Currently, 25 TPO brigades (one region - one brigade) are being formed, which will unite more than 150 battalions (one battalion per district). The permanent number of the TRO Forces in peacetime will be 10,000 servicemen. According to the staff of the special period, the units of the TRO Forces will number more than 130,000 people, for which a corresponding reserve will be formed, - Reznikov explained.

The Minister noted that the deployment of the SRW system will take place in three stages. In the first, brigades and battalions of the Troop Forces will be deployed in peacetime.

"It's happening right now. In each battalion a skeleton of UAF servicemen is being formed. Their task is to command, train and coordinate civilians who will sign a contract for service in the Troo reserve and protect the territory where they live", - he said at the expense of these TRO reservists, each battalion will number up to 600 men.

The second stage: the formation of a troop reserve for the states of a special period after the battalions and brigades will create an organizational and managerial core of servicemen and provide appropriate conditions.

"Weapons will be assigned to those who sign a contract and serve in the TrO reserve. It will be issued during the exercises or in case of certain situations", - Reznikov said.

The third stage of the deployment of SRW after the formation of a peacetime staff and a reserve for a special period will consider the need to establish in some settlements voluntary formations of territorial communities.

"Participants of these formations with their own hunting weapons, if necessary, can be involved in patrolling and guarding facilities", - the Minister of Defense of Ukraine said.

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