New military drills have started in occupied Crimea

Любезна Катерина
13:41, 12 January
New military drills have started in occupied Crimea
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More than 10,000 Russian troops have started their first exercises in the new year at training grounds in occupied Crimea and some regions of Russia.

The Russian Defence Ministry reports.

“Firearms training, tactics, driving combat vehicles and special disciplines are organized at [...] Angarsk and Opuk training grounds in Crimea”, - the message says.

Battalion tactical groups will master new methods of tactical actions as part of various types of reconnaissance-fire and strike systems, including counter-battery, aviation, and sniper.

"Also, unit commanders will master the methods of counter-sniper and counter-battery combat with the use of automobile and armoured vehicles equipped with high-powered small arms, including mortars", - the press service added.

What is known

  • On January 9, the occupiers conducted training with the regular forces of naval aviation and air defence of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.
  • On January 8, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation conducted training with rescue forces in stormy weather at its bases in Novorossiysk and occupied Crimea.
  • The United States expects explanations from Russia regarding the new military drills near the borders of Ukraine.

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