A prosecution witness was questioned at the occupation court in the Dzhemilev case

Глянько Катерина
14:31, 30 July
A prosecution witness was questioned at the occupation court in the Dzhemilev case
Image source: УНІАН

At the second hearing of the Armyansk occupation court in the criminal case against the national leader of the Crimean Tatars, Mustafa Dzhemilev, who is being tried in absentia in Crimea, prosecution witness Muzafar Fukala was questioned on July 30.

This was reported by the correspondent of Crimea Realia.

Thus, at an open hearing, the witness said what happened during the events of May 2014, when the peninsula was already occupied by Russia.

"There were people in camouflage and balaclavas with machine guns near the traffic police post outside Armyansk. An armored personnel carrier blocked the road there. At some point, these people opened fire. No armed men made any demands. Dzhemilev himself did not try to pass through the encirclement", - said the witness.

The interrogated Fukala also pointed out that "no one tried to inform Dzhemilev about the ban on entry or any action," as well as the "absence of signs indicating that the state border of Russia passes in this place".

It is noted that another "court hearing" is also scheduled for July 30 in the occupying Supreme Court of Crimea - in Simferopol, where an appeal against the remand of Mustafa Dzhemilev in custody for 2 months from the moment of his arrest will be considered.

The next session of the occupation "court" in Armyansk on this case is to take place on September 10.

What is known

  • On April 13, the Occupational Office of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Crimea charged Mustafa Dzhemilev under three articles of the Criminal Code of Russia, namely, part 3 of Article 322 (illegal crossing of the state border of Russia), part 1 of Article 224 (negligent possession of firearms), part 1 of Article 222 (illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of weapons, their main parts, ammunition). According to lawyer Nikolai Polozov, the materials of the Ukrainian case of his son Khaiser are now being used against Mustafa Dzhemilev.
  • On May 27, the Investigator completed the investigation into the case.
  • On June 8, it became known that the occupation Investigator had transferred a criminal case against Mustafa Dzhemilev to a "court". After that, Mustafa Dzhemilev's lawyer Nikolai Polozov said that neither he nor his client had been informed about it.
  • Mustafa Dzhemilev believes that the criminal case of the Russian FSB, initiated against him in  occupied Crimea, is being used to further expel the Crimean Tatars from the peninsula.
  • The President's Office in the ARC called the occupation criminal case against Dzhemilev a "political persecution".