Ukrainian political prisoner Uzeyir Abdullayev is ill in a Russian colony

Феріде Сейдаметова
23:08, 28 July
Ukrainian political prisoner Uzeyir Abdullayev is ill in a Russian colony
Image source: Укринформ

The health of Ukrainian political prisoner Uzeyir Abdullayev in a Russian colony in Salavat, Bashkortostan, has deteriorated.

His wife Fera Abdullayeva told Ukrinform about this after a telephone conversation with her husband.

"Uzeir called today and said that he had been summoned to the authorities. It was reported that my next request was received regarding his state of health and conditions of detention. According to the man, he has had signs of SARS since yesterday”, - Abdullayeva said.

She also added that, according to her husband, many prisoners in the colony were ill.

In October 2016, five Crimean Tatars living in Simferopol and its suburbs were detained by FSB officers on a fabricated case of the so-called "1st Simferopol group Hizb ut-Tahrir".

The North Caucasus Military District Court in Rostov-on-Don sentenced Rustem Ismailov to 14 years in prison, Ayder Saledinov and Emil Dzhemadenov to 12 years. Two other defendants, brothers Teymur and Uzeyir Abdullayev, were sentenced to 17 and 13 years, respectively.

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation after appeal reduced all term of imprisonment by half a year. At the end of January, they were transferred to two colonies of Bashkortostan in Salavat - VK-2 and VK-16.

What is known

  • On July 17, the Russian VK-16 in Salavat (Bashkortostan) received a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine about the health and conditions of detention of Ukrainian political prisoner Uzeyir Abdullayev.
  • HRC "Memorial" recognized all participants of the "1st Simferopol group Hizb ut-Tahrir" as political prisoners.