In Moscow, unknown individuals disrupted the screening of film about the Holodomor

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18:13, 15 October
In Moscow, unknown individuals disrupted the screening of film about the Holodomor
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In Moscow, unknown men disrupted the screening of the film "Gareth Jones" about the Holodomor in Ukraine. Subsequently, law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and held the audience indoors for several hours.

Gleb Strunnikov, an employee of the Memorial Human Rights Center, Suspilne Crimea was informed about it.

According to him, the film was shown in the premises of the human rights center. Police officers who came to "inspect the scene" refused to let lawyers into the building.

"I went to the cinema and saw about 30-35 people there. They were aggressive, shouting, harassing visitors. Most of them gathered on stage and shouted something like" fascists, shame, let's not forget - we will not forgive. With them was a journalist with the symbols of one of the state channels - NTV and cameras. In other words, it was obvious that there was a coordinated raid on the Memorial, which was carried out by gopniks and representatives of the TV channel", - Strunnikov said.

Memorial employees informed that law enforcement officers confiscated video from surveillance cameras, a video recorder and part of the alarm equipment.

What is known

  • The film "Gareth Jones" (in Ukrainian distribution the film was called "The Price of Truth") was made by Polish director Agnieszka Holland, head of the European Film Academy, which was nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA. The filming took place in Ukraine, Poland and Scotland (Great Britain). The film tells the story of British reporter Gareth Jones, who reported in the Western press about the Holodomor.