The occupiers detain activists near the court in Simferopol UPDATED

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12:15, 11 October
The occupiers detain activists near the court in Simferopol UPDATED
Image source: Кримська солідарність

A hearing will take place today in the occupying Crimean garrison military court, where an appeal against the verdict against the Krasnogvardeysky Group is being considered by video conference. The occupiers are detaining activists near the court building.

It is noted that more than a hundred people came to the court building, including relatives, neighbors and residents of the village.

Almost immediately, within 15-20 minutes, squads of occupation police officers gathered at this place. Empty buses arrived, tow trucks loading cars, on which relatives and activists arrived.

The first detained Crimean Tatars are reported: Ablyalimov Kazim Rasimovich, Ibragimov Mir Ibrahim Mir Vagif ogli, Urinbayev Sadyk Ruzikulovich, Mustafayev Enver Seitovich, Shikhbadinov Rustem Velitovich, Paralamov Reshat Rastemovich Remzi Memetov), ​​Memetov Dilyaver Remzievich (coordinator of "Crimean Solidarity" and son of political prisoner Remzi Memetov), ​​Emiruseinov Reshat Asanovich (father of political prisoner Rustem Emiruseinov), Ibragimov Lenur Musanovich, Alimkhan Abingarov Abitov Alymorovli.

The detainees report that they were brought to the "Central" police department of Simferopol. Lawyer Nazim Sheikhmbametov has already stated their defense.

Source: Crimean solidarity

It became known that the "trial" was postponed to October 25 at 10:00.