"The state of deep concern of the international community must move to concrete action" - Refat Chubarov

Присяжнюк Владислава
18:34, 15 September
Image source: УНІАН

On September 3 and 4, five people were detained during searches in annexed Crimea, including Crimean Tatar civic activist, politician and journalist Nariman Dzhelal. The terror of the Russian occupiers against the Crimean Tatars became more brutal after the holding of the Crimean platform in Kyiv. The chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov speaks about this in more detail on the air of Ukrainian Radio.

About Refat Chubarov's letter to Volodymyr Zelensky

It is worth noting that the Russian occupiers began their massacre of Crimean Tatars after the Crimean platform; over those who are unable to defend themselves. But very soon, no doubt, Russia will move to revenge on other members of the platform. My letter to the President of Ukraine is a kind of appeal to him and other countries to repel the Russian occupiers.

Has the Crimean Platform become an effective tool in countering Russia?

The Crimean platform is one of the successful breakthroughs of Ukraine and the international community in the direction of deoccupation of Crimea. Due to Russia's fierce pressure on potential participants in the platform, 43 states and 4 international organizations took part in this event! The Crimean platform is a consulting, coordination and mobilization international platform that is being built. And the fact that the international community cannot unite so quickly, for various circumstances and reasons, Russia is using to its advantage. That is why it is important to push our partners to action, because we have little time.

On the effectiveness of the regular session of the UN General Assembly, in the context of the cessation of repressions against the Crimean Tatars

For the last 4 years, the UN General Assembly at its regular session has been adopting relevant resolutions on the human rights situation in the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea. The approval and adoption of these declarations is very important, as it demonstrates that no one will forgive or will forgive any aggressor against another country. In this case - Russia in relation to Ukraine. And this, to some extent, inhibits the development of aggression. But, unfortunately, Russia ignores any resolutions, recommendations. The state of deep concern of the international community must move to concrete action. Even if President Zelensky does not take part physically, he will be able to make a video address. I am confident that the issue of Crimea will be at the heart of this appeal.

About Nariman Jelal's letter-appeal to his colleagues with a call not to obey and to continue the struggle

This letter is important. Anyone who does not publicly demonstrate his loyalty to the Russian occupier with a prominent civil position in any field must be prepared to be approached one morning. The vast majority of Crimean Tatars and people of other nationalities have great respect for Nariman, so he understood: they will come to him soon. The fact that Nariman refers to his older brothers in his letter is an extremely important aspect in the Crimean Tatar environment. Because our return to our land was made possible by thousands of older people who fought, in exile, for the opportunity to return home. In the Crimean Tatar environment there is a cult of veterans of the national movement.

The defense appealed the court's decision to detain Jalal. How effective can this be?

Under Russian occupation, there is no such thing as a court. There are occupation institutions that perform the tasks assigned to it by the occupation regime. In Russia, an authoritarian regime without the ability of its citizens to assert their rights in such court hearings. However, together with our lawyers, we consciously always participate in such courts. After all, it is important to obtain documents that list all the participants in these massacres, including court ones, with citizens of Ukraine and Crimean Tatars. After all, our ultimate goal is for every member of the occupation regime who commits crimes to be punished. Nariman Jelal and the struggle for him is a locomotive that leads to the release of about 100 citizens of Ukraine, the vast majority of whom are Crimean Tatars.

What should be the next steps to end the Crimean Tatar repression?

Alone, Ukraine has no mechanism to force the occupier to release our citizens and withdraw from our territory. That is why we must mobilize our Western partners as much as possible.