Zelensky admits possible war with Russia

Любезна Катерина
11:12, 10 September
Zelensky admits possible war with Russia
Image source: УНІАН

Volodymyr Zelensky admits that an all-out war with Russia is possible. He stated that he wanted to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin "not declaratively" but "more substantially" than in Paris during the Normandy format.

"There can be a big war, it will be a big mistake of the Russian Federation, after that there will never be a neighbourhood of Ukraine -  Russia - Belarus. If there is an escalation - this is the worst thing that can happen. But unfortunately, there is such a possibility", - Zelensky said during the YES Brainstorming conference in Kyiv.

He noted that 2014 was a step forward in this matter on the part of the Russian Federation, but the Ukrainian army stopped it.

The president of Ukraine stated that he "does not have enough time to think about Putin". He said this in response to questions from HARDtalk host on BBC World Stephen Sackur during the Yalta European Strategy Forum YES Brainstorming.

"I'm more interested in whether we can have a more substantive meeting than it was at the first meeting in the Normandy format", - Zelensky said.

The President noted that Russia does not want and does not see the point in ending the war and resolving the conflict in Donbas.

"These are my internal problems, what I can do, what I should do, and how I should make them want to talk substantially about the de-occupation of our country. It is impossible to achieve it with threats", - the Ukrainian leader said, adding that the country is working to organize a meeting in the Normandy format, but whether it will take place depends on the political will of one person.

"I need a result. Whether there will be a Normandy meeting depends on them (the Russian Federation - ed.). We are a strong and independent state, but in some respects, it is not yet powerful enough to dictate this policy. The result will be the return of a certain number of people. I don't believe in an "all for all" format. Russia does not do that, but with all that, if there is a meeting, there will be a result", - the president stressed.