Russia demands from the European Court of Human Rights to punish Ukraine for "damage to Crimea, shelling of Russian territory, MH17 catastrophe"

Любезна Катерина
12:44, 22 July
Russia demands from the European Court of Human Rights to punish Ukraine for
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Russia has filed a lawsuit against Ukraine in the European Court of Human Rights, accusing the country of 10 "violations", including the "water blockade" of the occupied Crimea. This is the first interstate petition of the Russian Federation in the European Court of Human Rights.

This was reported on the website of the Prosecutor General's Office.

The Kremlin accuses Ukraine of violating the Convention on Human Rights and in particular:

  • in the water blockade of the Crimea;
  • in depriving residents of the temporarily occupied territories of the opportunity to participate in elections;
  • in discrimination against the Russian-speaking population and the displacement of the Russian language;
  • in discrimination against Russian companies and entrepreneurs;
  • in the suppression of freedom of speech and the persecution of dissidents, including politicians and journalists;
  • in attacks on Russian diplomatic, consular and other missions;
  • in the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17 due to the fact that Ukraine did not close the airspace over the combat zone.

the death of civilians, illegal imprisonment and ill-treatment, including on the Maidan, Odesa and Donbas;

in the death of people, damage to health and destruction of property during the shelling of adjacent Russian territory;

"The complaint requests that the ECtHR apply precautionary measures in accordance with Rule 39 of the Regulation, which obliges Ukraine to immediately stop such flagrant violations as blocking the flow of freshwater to Crimea, restricting the rights of national and linguistic minorities, including free access to public and higher education in the native language, a ban on broadcasting Russian-language television and radio channels, restricting access to Internet platforms and print media in Russian, "the Russian Prosecutor General's Office said in a statement.

What is known

  • Since the entry into force of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights in 1953, just under 30 interstate complaints have been lodged with the ECtHR. So far, four such complaints have been filed against Russia by Georgia and nine by Ukraine. Including human rights violations in the occupied Crimea.