In Evpatoria, the occupiers are searching the house of Ali Ibragimov, his son was taken away in an unknown direction

Любезна Катерина
09:53, 22 July
In Evpatoria, the occupiers are searching the house of Ali Ibragimov, his son was taken away in an unknown direction
Image source: Кримська солідарність

In Yevpatoria, on July 22, the occupiers searched the house and shop of Crimean Tatars 57-year-old Ali Ibragimov and his son 27-year-old Mustafa Ibragimov. The security forces took away Ali Abdullah Ibragimov's third son in an unknown direction.

This was reported by "Crimean Solidarity" on Facebook.

Investigative actions are carried out on Shishkino passage, 22.

According to neighbours, Ali Ibragimov's wife, Gulvira, looked out the window from the house. She asked for help and asked those who came to call an ambulance. Mustafa Ibragimov was taken to the family store, but investigative actions also began there.

According to Crimean Solidarity, 9 residents of Evpatoria live in the house. In addition to the listed family members, Amina Ibragimova's daughter-in-law and 5 children also live there: 20-year-old Muhammad, 8-year-old Salsabil, 6-year-old Tasnim, 3-year-old Malika and one-year-old Fatih.

The ambulance, like the occupying security forces, declined to comment. At about 11:35 the medics had already left Ibragimov's house.

Relatives report that "employees of the Center for Countering Extremism" in civilian clothes in a dark Hyundai Tucson car in an unknown direction took away Ali Ibragimov's third son - Abdullah Ibragimov, who lives in a separate household with his family.

It is known that in March 2018, Abdullah was detained for several hours at the Russian checkpoint "Armyansk", where he was subjected to moral and physical pressure from "FSS officers".

"He was hit on the head with a rubber truncheon, beaten in the face and it is unknown how this detention would have ended if not for the reaction of relatives, lawyers, human rights activists, the public on social networks and the media. The same measures are needed now. Relatives will address a hotline of FSS, prosecutor's office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Crimea, - it is told in the message, - was informed in the message.

The search is now over, and lawyers are investigating the circumstances of the search, the charges, and the whereabouts of their clients, Mustafa and Abdullah Ibragimov. The occupiers did not allow defenders until the end of the investigation.

"This is a violation of the law - a citizen has the right to qualified legal assistance, and I am prevented from practising law", - lawyer Edem Semedlyaev said, adding that he would file a complaint to the prosecutor's office.

Source: "Crimean Solidarity"

Source: "Crimean Solidarity"

Ali Ibragimov. Source: "Crimean Solidarity"