Channel "Dom" showed the occupied Crimea by part of Russia

Присяжнюк Владислава
14:18, 05 July
Image source: Facebook/ Viktor Taran

The state channel Dom showed a map showing the temporarily occupied Crimea as part of Russia.

Political scientist Viktor Taran wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"It happened in the program - " Russian Diary ". That is, with our funds with you (and I will remind you that from the budget the channel "House" received more than 300 million UAH) we create the Russian propaganda information. It's hard for me to imagine what will happen next ... Unfortunately, I can't ask this question to the channel's management. They banned me for systematic criticism", - was informed in the statement.

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The information was also confirmed by the People's Deputy Oleksiy Honcharenko on his Facebook page. Thus the people's deputy noted that now video with a card deleted.

"The Dom TV channel publishes a map of the Russian Federation with the occupied Crimea as part of Russia. The channel is financed from the Ukrainian budget, and Zelensky boasted about its opening. Upd. The video, where the card was, has already been removed from public access", - the people's deputy summed up.

What is known

  • Dom is Russian-language state information and entertainment TV channel created for residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. After the creation of the TV channel on March 1, 2020, it was subordinated directly to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and Information Policy.
  • In June 2020, it became known that the process of transferring the TV channel from the Ministry of Culture to the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories had begun. The transfer process was completed on January 20, 2021.