Dzheppar called the key task of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine regarding Crimea

Глянько Катерина
17:20, 10 July
Dzheppar called the key task of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine regarding Crimea
Image source: QHA

First Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzheppar believes that the first and key task of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is to bring the national discourse on Crimea to the international level.

She told about it in interview to the information agency "50%".

According to her, the goal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to bring the issue of discussing the topic of Crimea to a systematic and formalized level.

She noted that now such conditions have been created on the occupied peninsula that active pro-Ukrainian people cannot survive there, so they have two options: either to remain silent or to leave.

"Instead, the Russians are using various government programs to stimulate a change in the demographic landscape of Crimea - hundreds of thousands of people are moving from mainland Russia to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. This puts pressure on the future of Crimea", -  Dzheppar said.

According to the First Deputy, it is important for the Foreign Ministry to tell its partners that the topic of Crimea is not an internal local history that concerns the security of Ukraine. According to her, Russia's actions in the Black Sea are a form of aggression and this applies not only to the Black Sea, but also to a wider range of countries.

"Therefore, we are talking about the need to launch a format that will bring the topic of Crimea at the highest international level. After all, when it comes to Donbass, we have both the "Norman format" and the "Minsk format". Note that I'm not talking about efficiency or inefficiency, but only about the formats due to which this topic is present on the international agenda", - said Dzheppar.

What is known

  • On June 10, 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed Emine Dzheppar First Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine. One of the important directions of her work is to increase attention to the human rights issue and the consequences of human rights violations in the occupied territories of Ukraine at the international level.
  • Thus, Dzheppar became the first representative of the Crimean Tatar people in the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.
  • At a meeting with Japanese Ambassador to Ukraine Kurai Takashi, Dzheppar announced her intention to intensify international discussions on occupied Crimea at the highest political level as part of a policy of non-recognition of Russia's occupation of Ukrainian territories.