During the occupation of Crimea, 231 human rights activists were imprisoned

Присяжнюк Владислава
18:22, 07 June
During the occupation of Crimea, 231 human rights activists were imprisoned
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During the occupation of Crimea, 231 people were imprisoned, 158 of the - representatives of the Crimean Tatar people.

Such data were published in the Crimean Tatar Resource Center.

According to the head of the centre Eskender Bariyev, 119 people in the FSS torture chambers need special attention. 70 of them are Crimean Tatars.

"Today, 119 people are being held in FSS torture chambers, both in colonies and in pre-trial detention centres. Those people who are in the colonies, are already directly transferred and are in the territory of the Russian Federation, and their 60 people. 59 - in a pre-trial detention centre, the most part is in the territory of Crimea. When we talk about the patronage of political prisoners and their families, we do not mean financial support. First of all, we are talking about political support, because when there is the attention of politicians, when they react to all the events that take place in connection with the actions of the occupiers against our compatriots, of course, this is a serious message to at least torture. in relation to our citizens", - Bariev emphasized.

The wife of the political prisoner Rustem Emiruseinov said that no evidence was presented in her husband's "case".

"To date, no evidence of my husband's involvement in terrorist activities has been presented at the trials. The arguments relied on by the prosecution essentially formed the basis of the terrorism sentence. This is not a weapon or an explosive, this is not a plan of any terrorist action (...).

She also noted that searches that do not stop in the occupied Crimea are a continuation of the policy of intimidation.

What is known

  • The Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomy provides procedural guidance on 270 criminal proceedings on more than 400 violations in the occupied Crimea. These include violations of the right to life and health, enforced disappearances, imprisonment, kidnappings, torture and inhuman treatment since the occupation.