Ukraine will promote the Crimean Platform in Europe and Asia - Chiygoz

Любезна Катерина
10:39, 04 May
Ukraine will promote the Crimean Platform in Europe and Asia - Chiygoz
Image source: УНІАН

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine plan to conduct agitation work among the partner countries of Europe and Asia to involve them in work within the framework of the Crimean Platform.

Deputy Speaker of the Crimean Tatar People’s Mejlis Akhtem Chiygoz reported this to Ukrinform on May 3 during a video bridge on Crimean issues organized as part of the “Stop Putin’s Terror!” Democratic Camp campaign in central Berlin.

“I hope we will organize a kind of tour of European partner countries; we are also preparing for Asian countries to intensify participation in the Crimean platform of our allies around the world in the remaining months”, - the politician said.

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Chiygoz noted efforts should be made to ensure that Ukraine’s partners adopt this new platform with due attention.

According to him, it is important to convince the countries against which Russia is currently using “very vile tools of blackmail” to prevent them from joining the Ukrainian initiative.

It would be important for the conviction of such countries to take part on August 23 in the first Crimean Platform summit of leaders of leading countries: Germany, France, the United States, Canada, etc. According to the Deputy Speaker of the Mejlis, this would be significant support for the countries on which the Russian Federation puts pressure and would provide an opportunity to discuss Ukraine’s proposals.

Adoption of the Ukrainian proposals would, in the politician’s opinion, be a “colossal image blow to Russia in the international arena”, and would also intensify opposition within Russia itself in the fight against the Putin regime.

What is known

  • Ukrainian MPs are trying to engage in dialogue at the level of friendship groups with various countries and have announced the creation of the Crimean Platform within parliament to intensify the work of these inter-parliamentary friendship groups.
  • The “Stop Putin’s Terror!” Democratic Camp, organized by pro-European people from the former Soviet Union who disagree with Russia’s current policy, takes place in the heart of Berlin, near the Brandenburg Gate, from April 9 to May 9.
  • The United States is ready to cooperate with Ukraine to create a platform for the de-occupation of Crimea.