Russian military in occupied Crimea conducted missile firing

Матвійчук Микола
18:08, 30 June
Russian military in occupied Crimea conducted missile firing
Image source: Фокус

In occupied Crimea, at the Opuk test site, the Russian military conducted exercises using missile fire at a naval target.

This was reported by the occupying Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

"During the training, the rocket launchers marched from a permanent location in the designated area, deployed the complex and worked out an algorithm for identifying naval targets. After the detection of the surface ship of the hypothetical enemy, the combat calculations received a signal for the use of missile weapons and fired at the target, "the statement reads.

According to the agency, the target was destroyed as a result of an accurate hit. The role of the hypothetical enemy ship was performed by a surface target with special radar reflectors.

What is known

  • In occupied Crimea, Russia illegally conducted military exercises with the participation of the Southern Military District and the Black Sea Fleet.