In occupied Crimea, 4-5 star hotels will raise prices

Глянько Катерина
16:02, 30 June
In occupied Crimea, 4-5 star hotels will raise prices
Image source: Путешествуй без границ

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, wealthy Russian tourists will not be able to go to foreign resorts, so this year expensive hotels in occupied Crimea and Russia are more expensive than others.

This was stated by the director general of one of the networks of travel agencies Alexander Mkrtchyan in a comment to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

"Now there is a special demand for expensive hotels on the Black Sea coast, from four stars and above. This is because those people who could not go to Cyprus, Spain or Turkey, used to rest in good hotels. They need a large area, mini -club, swimming pools, animation and other services, they need a good room, not furnished ones. That's why they choose quality hotels on the Black Sea", - Mkrtchyan said.

According to him, an influx of tourists from the Far East is expected. According to the general director of the travel agency, they went to the resorts of Crimea and Krasnodar region for the first time because, due to restrictive measures due to the coronavirus, their traditional destinations - China, Thailand, Korea and Japan - are now inaccessible.

According to him, the companies that anticipated such developments and bought rooms in the most popular hotels in the spring will benefit from the situation: then hotels could be booked twice cheaper if they were paid in full. However, according to him, most tour operators have not done so, so now their conditions are dictated by hoteliers.

However, as Mkrtchyan assures, budget holidays will not grow in price. Some Russian tourists, who do not have high incomes and who in previous years chose resorts, are not ready to pay more for  their vacation. In this regard, small hotels and the private sector will not risk changing the cost of accommodation.

What is known

  • According to Sergei Aksonov, from July 1, the holiday season opens in occupied Crimea for residents of Russia.