The incidence of COVID-19 has risen sharply in occupied Crimea

Глянько Катерина
13:35, 28 June
The incidence of COVID-19 has risen sharply in occupied Crimea
Image source: Pixabay

During the day on June 27, 35 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in occupied Crimea, 28 of them were builders from one work site.

The occupying "chairman" of  Crimea Sergey Aksyonov reported about it  on his Facebook page.

According to him, three of them were identified as a result of epidemic investigation and laboratory screening. 32 cases were detected during laboratory screening of healthy individuals. Out of the total number of patients, 28 people are builders of one work site. All patients are hospitalized, a certain number of contact persons for whom preventive measures are taken.

The occupation press service of the "government" of Sevastopol reported that a 90-year-old patient had died in a local infectious disease hospital over the past 24 hours. She had chronic diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as severe pneumonia.

Also in occupied Sevastopol 5 new cases are registered. Three patients were in contact with earlier infected builders, one more - from abroad, and also the pensioner at whom the illness source is still established.

What is known

  • In total, since the beginning of the year in occupied Sevastopol 228 cases, 176 people have recovered. Currently, 113 patients are under supervision in the local infectious diseases hospital, 9 - 70 people in the city hospital, and 905 at the place of residence.
  • On June 27, 621 people were tested at road checkpoints at the entrance to occupied Sevastopol, as well as at the railway station.
  • A total of 681 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in occupied Crimea since the beginning of the pandemic, and 478 people have recovered and been discharged from hospitals.