Crimean natives Efrosinina and Aliyev received Ukrainian state awards and titles

Глянько Катерина
20:44, 27 June
Crimean natives Efrosinina and Aliyev received Ukrainian state awards and titles
Image source: Telekritika

On the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky awarded state awards and titles to a number of show business representatives, scientists, the military, teachers, doctors, athletes and others. Among them are Crimean TV presenter Masha Efrosinina and Crimean Tatar director Nariman Aliyev.

The relevant decree was published on the website of the President's Office.

Thus, Masha Efrosinina was awarded the Order of Merit of the III degree by the President, and Nariman Aliyev was awarded the honorary title of "Honored Artist of Ukraine".

Aliyev commented on his award on his Facebook page.

"Only at the moment when you are looking for clean socks, you can get such messages. Now you can call me Nariman" Honored Artist of Ukraine "Aliyev", - the director wrote on Facebook.

What is known

  • Masha Efrosinina is a Ukrainian TV presenter and public figure. She was born in Kerch. Was not in Crimea after the occupation. She does not recognize the referendum and the occupation of the peninsula as legal. She spoke in support of director Oleg Sentsov when he was in Russian prison.
  • Nariman Aliyev is a Crimean Tatar director, screenwriter, and author of the Crimean Stories trilogy (short film). In his works he explores the theme of family relationships, traditions and life of the Crimean Tatars. His film "Homeward" won the National Film Critics Award of Ukraine "Kinokolo" in the nomination "Best Feature Film" and was recognized as the best foreign film of the 7th International Bosphorus Film Festival. The film was also shortlisted for the Oscar.
  • Volodymyr Zelensky also awarded senior midshipman Roman Meshchyryakov with the Defender of the Fatherland Medal for the Constitution Day of Ukraine. During the occupation of Crimea by Russia, he, together with the ship-boat composition of the Kerch Marine Defense Detachment, made the transition from the base to the location - Mariupol.