Jamala talks about her filming in "Eurovision": The Story of the Fire Saga" by Netflix

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21:31, 26 June
Jamala talks about her filming in
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On June 26, Netflix released the American comedy musical "Eurovision: The Story of the Fire Saga", which starred the winner of "Eurovision-2016" Jamala.

The singer wrote about the filming on her Facebook page.

According to Jamala, in July 2019, she received a letter from American director and screenwriter David Dobkin and American producer, screenwriter and actor Will Ferrell with an invitation to star in a film about "Eurovision". According to the singer, the letter stated that she is "the soul and heart of Eurovision."

According to the winner of "Eurovision-2016", she was impressed by everything during the filming, "starting from the careful attitude to the green areas near the location to the number of people involved in the production and the professionalism of the film crew."

"When I first went to the old castle, where my scene was filmed, it seemed to me that I was in a fairy tale! Everything looked amazing. Both the actors and the crowd of extras were so beautiful that it was impossible to take my eyes off. Cameraman Danny Cohen (by the way, an Oscar nominee!) And director David Dobkin explained in great detail what they want to see in the frame. Later, I met Will Ferrell, the unreal Rachel McAdams (I adore "Memory Diary") and the famous handsome Dan Stevenson", - Jamala shared on Facebook.

The singer noted that during the filming she met with the brightest participants of "Eurovision" of different years.

"My favorite Loreen, Elina Nechaeva, with whom we went around Oxford Street after the filming in search of a toy for the Emir (son of Jamala - Ed.), A soulful Rybak, a funny Netta ... When we all got together, it was like a meeting of graduates. It was very cool and emotional to be in such a company!”- Jamala added.

What is known

  • "Eurovision: The Story of the Fire Saga" tells the story of an Icelandic musical duo, Lars Eriksson and Sigrit Eriksdottir, who represented their country at Eurovision.
  • The premiere of the film with the red carpet was scheduled for May 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was postponed.
  • On May 14, 2016, Jamala won the Eurovision 2016 final with the song "1944". In the mixed voting of the professional jury and TV viewers, Jamala scored 534 points.
  • In 2017, the competition took place in Kyiv thanks to her victory.