Crimea is an open wound for Russia - Kuleba

Присяжнюк Владислава
13:31, 11 January
Crimea is an open wound for Russia - Kuleba
Image source: Вікіпедія

Russia's strong reaction to the newly created initiative to deoccupy Crimea shows that it is a wound that still hurts a lot.

Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba stated this in an interview with OBOZREVATEL.

"Despite Russia's position, as if the issue of Crimea was closed to them, their reaction to the Crimean platform proved that Crimea is an open wound for Russia. We threw enough salt on the wound and I am satisfied," he said.

According to Kuleba, it is known from various sources that Russia makes considerable efforts at all levels, including intelligence, to minimize the success of the Crimean platform.

"This work is already underway. But everyone has to do their part. We will return Crimea and we should not question this fact for a moment," the minister concluded.

What is known

  • Former Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Sergiy Krivonos stated that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was preparing a secret operation to return Crimea in February 2014.
  • Kuleba named two basic principles of the country, according to which "in no case will retreat" in terms of Russian-Ukrainian agreements.