Armenia, Russia and Belarus. Who else opposed the draft Crimean resolution of Ukraine

Глянько Катерина
12:04, 19 November
Armenia, Russia and Belarus. Who else opposed the draft Crimean resolution of Ukraine
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On Wednesday, November 18, the Third Committee of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly approved the Ukrainian draft of an updated resolution on the human rights situation in occupied Crimea, which proposes to record at the international level the FSB torture of people in occupied Crimea. However, 26 states opposed the resolution.

The meeting of the profile committee of the General Assembly in New York was broadcast on the UN website.

26 countries voted against the project: Armenia, Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Angola, Burundi, Cambodia, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Guinea, India, Iran, Myanmar, Philippines, Sudan, South Sudan, South Africa, Tajikistan, Uganda.

Instead, 67 states decided to support the resolution: Ukraine, the G7 countries (USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Japan), Azerbaijan, Turkey, Australia, Austria, Israel, Poland and others.

82 states abstained.

Source: Facebook/ Emine Dzheppar

The UN General Assembly is expected to vote on the resolution in December.

As Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote in his Twitter account, when the UN General Assembly approves the project, it will further consolidate the pressure on Russia for the occupying state to comply with international obligations, including international humanitarian law.

The resolution also noted the relocation of Russian citizens to the peninsula and the forced change of citizenship.

What is known

  • Since the Russian occupation of Crimea in 2014, at least 45,000 Ukrainians have left the territory. At the same time, the Russian Federation is actively transporting its population to Crimea, thereby violating all the rules and protocols of the Geneva Convention.