The occupiers forced the Sevastopol resident to cross the border illegally

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16:15, 13 October
The occupiers forced the Sevastopol resident to cross the border illegally
Image source: Суспільне Крим

A 17-year-old man from Sevastopol illegally crossed the border because the FSB border guards did not release him from the occupied Crimea.

He told the Crimean human rights group what happened.

The young man entered the 1st year of the Kherson State Maritime Academy in the summer of 2020. In July, he left the Crimea through the checkpoint "Kalanchak" (Armyansk), applied to the university and returned home. In September, Sevastopol went to Kherson to study, and in the first days of October I arrived home for some days for things", - it is told in the message.

It is noted that after that the young man was going to leave for the mainland of Ukraine, but Russian border guards refused to leave the occupied Crimea, citing the fact that during the quarantine there is only one opportunity to leave. Adding to this that he will now need a good humanitarian reason to leave, which is prescribed by the Government of the Russian Federation.

"After that, the student decided to leave the Crimea across the Kerch bridge, and already from the territory of the Russian Federation to cross the border illegally to get to the academy to study", -  informed in the report.

Ukrainian border guards stopped the young man on the border with Russia in the Sumy region.

The Border Guard Service notes that the Sevastopol resident went through serious deprivations in order to get to the place of study.

What is known

  • An administrative report was drawn up against the student for illegally crossing the Ukrainian border.
  • Experts of the Crimean human rights group noted that the young man will have problems with Russian border guards when he returns to the Crimea, and they will be able to bring him to administrative responsibility under Art. 18.1 Administrative Code (Violation of the State Border of the Russian Federation).
  • 2,000 entrants from the occupied territories are enrolled in the budget of Ukrainian universities.
  • The admission campaign for entrants from the occupied territories of Ukraine was extended until 23rd of October.