In the occupied Crimea, Aksonov urgently convened a meeting over the coronavirus pandemic

Глянько Катерина
11:23, 15 September
In the occupied Crimea, Aksonov urgently convened a meeting over the coronavirus pandemic
Image source: УНІАН

The occupying "chairman" of the Crimea, Sergei Aksonov, urgently convened a meeting on 15 of September over the coronavirus pandemic on the peninsula. However, it did not introduce new restrictions and rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among Crimeans.

The video from the meeting was posted by the "chairman" of Crimea on his Facebook page.

"No new rules, regulations and regimes will be introduced through the coronavirus. But all current regimes related to the work of enterprises and so on - everyone remembers that these are mandatory rules that are mandatory", - said Aksonov.

At the same time, according to him, schools, the industry as a whole and the business sector will not be closed for quarantine.

"Schools will not be transferred to distance learning. If there is a situation inside the classroom, then Rospotrebnadzor will take appropriate measures there", - said the head of the Crimea.

He also added that once a week, every Wednesday at 09:00, a meeting of the "operational headquarters" of Crimea will be held, sum up the results of the fight against coronavirus infection.

What is known

  • For the past 24hrs, on 14 of September, the 40 cases of coronavirus were registered in the occupied Crimea. The 13 of them were found when seeking medical help, 9 - among contact cases in previously registered cases, 18 - when screening a healthy population.
  • In total for the current period in the Crimea 3 341 cases of a new coronavirus infection are registered. The 94 of them were brought from abroad, 124 cases were imported from the Russian Federation and detected in contact with them, 2,503 cases were detected in seeking medical care and in contact with persons with laboratory-confirmed results, 620 - in laboratory screening of healthy individuals.
  • The 2,133 people recovered during the whole period on the occupied peninsula. Died - 42.