There are problems with water in some areas of Simferopol, it is already supplied on schedule - Dzhelal

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16:58, 07 September
There are problems with water in some areas of Simferopol, it is already supplied on schedule - Dzhelal
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Nariman Dzhelal, Deputy Speaker of the Crimean Tatar People's Majlis, told the Public Crimea about water restrictions on the occupied peninsula.

According to him, the situation with water supply  in occupied Simferopol and Bakhchisaray raises big questions not only because of the drought and the blockage of water supply to the North Crimean Canal, but also because local authorities have not thought about how to provide, save water, how to start solving the problem which they faced today.

"The authorities needed to think and predict what they would face. In fact, they hoped for downpours, rains, but the weather this year did not please them," said Dzhelal.

Problems with water do exist and in the districts of Simferopol ,it is already supplied  on schedule.

"I live in the Simferopol district in the village of Pervomaiske,  there are no problems with water in our village so far. Although those who use wells in the area where I live, they already report salinization, that is, when watering the soil, there is sediment. This is due to the barbaric pumping of groundwater, "- said the deputy to the Public Crimea.

He also added that the hot water was completely turned off and active repair work began. "The state of the water supply system is so deplorable and given the forecasts for the water situation in Crimea, it was necessary for a long time, instead of building routes and airports, to deal with this issue, because huge water losses occur on the way from supplier to consumer."

In a comment, he also added that there are people who are trying to catch the water supply schedule, adjust and so far they are very simple and understanding of the situation, seeing the drought and understanding the negligence of a certain "government".

"Despite the fact that it has finally started raining in Crimea, they are not able to solve this problem globally, because the problem is very neglected.

When people directly face all the problems of restricting water supply, resentment will grow"      Nariman Dzhelal said in a comment to Public Crimea.

What is known

  • On September 7, the third, most severe, stage of water supply restrictions will begin in the occupied Simferopol, Bakhchisaray and Simferopol districts.
  • Reserves in occupied Crimea have shrunk by 12 million cubic meters.
  • Occupying Crimean ecologists state that the condition of the Belogorsk Reservoir has deteriorated even more in August, as the reservoir has begun to become waterlogged.